ISO 10002:2014

ISO 10002:2014

ISO 10002; A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made to an organization about its products or the process of evaluating the complaints itself and an explicit or implicit response or solution expected as a result.

It costs at least four times more for an organization to retain existing customers than acquire new customers. Organizations that constantly lose customers go to great lengths to repair their damaged reputation.

Innovations in products and services in today’s competitive environment lead to a redefinition of established performance levels. A good Complaint Management System is one of the important requirements for successful businesses to manage customer needs and protect their brands.

The Customer Satisfaction standard, the standard of guidelines for implementing the ISO 10002 Complaint Management System, helps organizations define, manage and understand how their customers can successfully handle their complaints.

This standard specifies the key requirements for handling customer complaints successfully and includes complaint management audits to help you deal with customer dissatisfaction in your business.

Who does it concern?

ISO 10002 concerns all organizations that want to provide services beyond the expectations of customers. Going beyond customer expectations is also a general requirement of businesses of all types and sizes, whether private, public or voluntary sectors.

Why you should choose us?

This means we know how to fully utilize the benefits of your complaint management system, helping you to turn your customers’ complaints into an opportunity to gain an advantage to gain an edge over your competitors.

Implementing and documenting our customer complaints management system has several benefits:

Retention of your customers

By adopting the management system, you increase your ability to maintain your customers’ loyalty.

Brand reputation

Implementing and documenting your complaints management system shows your shareholders that you have a genuine commitment to satisfy your customers and that you already have transactions to evaluate, analyze and review complaints.

Transaction efficiency

Enforcement and certification provides a consistent approach to handling customer inquiries, allowing you to identify trends, eliminate complaints, and improve your organization’s operations.

Improved internal communication and relationships

Helps you take a customer-centric approach to resolving complaints while encouraging your employees to improve their ability to work with customers


This standard complies with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and helps you add value to your organization and increase its effectiveness. ISO 10002 - Annex A is also a guide especially for small businesses.

Continuous Improvement

It lays the groundwork for continuous review and analysis of your complaints handling process, resolution of complaints and where improvements can be made.