ISO 15224:2015

ISO 15224:2015

This standard is an industry-specific quality management system standard for healthcare organizations.

It is a management system standard that can be preferred alone by organizations providing health services.

Requirements in this standard include ISO 9001 requirements and additional specific definitions for health services. This standard includes health services, such as primary health care, pre-hospital care and hospital services, tertiary health services, nursing homes, poor homes, preventive health services, mentally disabled care services, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational disease health services, rehabilitation centers and pharmacies. It is a management system standard that can be applied in the entire health sector.

In institutions providing health services; ensures planning and control of activities, Supports process management for health services,

Within the scope of effective process management, it reduces process errors and reduces service costs,

This standard is a risk-based management system standard and provides control and risk management in clinical services,

EN 15224 document often provides a prerequisite (and necessary) for accessing new corporate customers,

It supports health tourism in our country and creates trust for European customers,

EN 15224 management system; ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, etc. It is possible to integrate with other management systems such as,

As with all management system certifications, it helps to protect the dynamic structure of organizations with the annual monitoring process.