ISO 18295-1:2017

ISO 18295-1:2017

ISO 18295-1 Customer contact centers - Part 1: Requirements for customer contact centers

ISO 18295-2  Customer contact centers - Part 2: Requirements for customers using customer contact centers

EN 18295-1,2 is an international standard that includes special requirements for customer contact centers.

The system conditions specified in this standard are complementary to the technical requirements of the service.

The general purpose of preparing this standard is to determine common quality and technical requirements for communication centers.

The standard applies to both internal and external customer contact centers. The standard is designed for both the contact center and the customers using these centers.


  • Provides communication in a controlled and quality manner
  • Allows regular and continuous data
  • flow
  • Provides feedback for service improvements The service provided can be monitored retrospectively Has
  • a positive impact on costs
  • Provides the protection of the rights of the customer
  • Provides effective time management
  • Continuous Improvement Makes it possible
  • Increases your Brand Value
  • Increases Team Motivation
  • Triggers Personal Development
  • Measures the Effectiveness of Trainings Received Improves Your
  • Processes
  • Increases Your Call Quality
  • Provides Competitive Advantage
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction
  • Increases Productivity