ISO 55001:2014

ISO 55001:2014

Asset Management is a management system that aims to analyze the costs, risks, opportunities and performances of an organization’s assets with the right approach, planning and applications and to obtain maximum benefit from them.

In other words; Asset management synchronizes investment with savings by objectively revealing the potential risks of global capital movements, small investors, professional managers, loan providers, the public sector and the service client, increasing predictability, making the right decisions possible, revealing transparency and optimum use of resources. is a strategic information / standard field.

In 2014, ISO, the international standardization organization, made the asset management standard and published it as "ISO 55001: 2014 Asset Management".

Some of the benefits of asset management are;

  • Improvement in financial performance,
  • Conscious asset investment decisions,
  • Risk management , 
  • Improving services and outputs
  • Demonstrating social responsibility, 
  • Increasing reputation,
  • Increasing the sustainability of the organization,
  • Improving efficiency and productivity.